Daniel Soekov has been working as a Cinematographer, DOP, Lighting Camera Operator and Editor for 20 years. He is an accredited member of the Australian Cinematographers Society and has won 28 ACS awards, including 2 Golden Tripods and 13 international awards for his work across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During his time in the industry, he has been a Senior Cameraman at Network Ten and then freelancer, filming Documentaries, TVC, and News production, based in London and Beijing. Daniel is now in Sydney, Australia and available on a freelance hire basis.



‘Golden Tripod’ (Neil Davis International News Cat.) – National ACS awards 2012 for ‘Libya Hotel Attack’

‘Golden Tripod’ (Best News Story category) – National ACS awards 2006 for ‘Baxter Riots’

Best News Story – National ACS awards 2014 for ‘Christmas Island Detention’

Best News Story – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Christmas Island Detention’

Highly Commended – National ACS awards 2014 for ‘Election Rural’

Gold – ACS awards 2017 for ‘Environmental Award’

Gold – ACS awards 2014 for ‘Fiji Sugar’

Gold – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Election Rural’

Gold – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Christmas Island Detention’

Gold – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Ukraine Wheat’

Gold – ACS awards 2012 (Documentary category) for ‘The Road to Tripoli – Going Home’

Gold – ACS awards 2012 for ‘Afghanistan Power Transfer’

Gold – ACS awards 2012 for ‘Kabul Paralympic Swimmer’

Gold – ACS awards 2011 for ‘Libya Hotel Attack’

Gold – ACS awards 2010 for ‘China School Stabbing’

Gold – ACS awards 2009 for ‘Postie Bike Run’

Gold – ACS awards 2006 for ‘Duck Season’

Gold – ACS awards 2005 for ‘Baxter Riots’

Best News Story – ACS awards 2005 for ‘Baxter Riots’

Silver – ACS awards 2014 for ‘Tuvalu Sea Levels’

Silver – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Sweet Poison’

Silver – ACS awards 2013 for ‘Mitrovica Bridge’

Silver – ACS awards 2010 for ‘Expo Demolition’

Silver – ACS awards 2010 for ‘Japan Tuna’

Silver – ACS awards 2008 for ‘Stabbing’

Bronze – ACS awards 2011 for ‘North Korea 65 Years’

Bronze – ACS awards 2010 for ‘Taiwan Tribes’

Bronze – ACS awards 2009 for ‘Mongolian Cyclecross’

Bronze – ACS awards 2007 for ‘Irish Pub’



I can provide a tailored shoot and/or edit package for whatever a client needs.
With the option of an all inclusive day rate, and discounts for block bookings, I’m flexible and able to cater for every requirement.

Delivery of the final product is also your choice, with a range of options including xdcam disc, hard drive, or FTP/remote delivery, in any codec or format needed.

Below is a current kit list of equipment I own, and I can also supply whatever is needed above this, hired in from local rental companies.

Cameras & Lenses

Sony PXW-FX9 6K Full Frame sensor camera, with various support & accessories

Sony PXW-FX6 4K Full Frame sensor camera

Sony PXW-FS7 4K Super 35mm sensor camera, with XDCA-FS7 camera back

Canon CN-E Prime lens kit; 14mm, 24mm, 50mm & 85mm lenses

Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm t2.8 lens

Sony A7s Full Frame mirrorless HDSLR (HD & 4K equipped) with adapters for Nikon and Canon lenses

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS, Canon 24-105mm f4 IS and Canon 16-35mm f4 IS

Sony 70-200mm f2.8, 16-35mm f2.8, 100mm macro

Various other lenses inc. primes; 28mm f2, 35mm f2

Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM HD Camcorder, with

Canon HJ22x7.6B IRSE HD lens

Canon KJ10x4.5B IRSE HD lens

DJI Mavic Pro with Polar Pro cinema filters

3 x GoPro 5/7/9 – 4K/HD and mounts, shockproof/waterproof


2 x Litegear LED LiteMats with soft boxes and honeycomb grids (bi-colour, high CRI)

1 x BB&S Area 48 Soft light with soft box and honeycomb grid (bi-colour panels, high CRI)

4 x Dedolight DLH4 lights with dimmers and barn doors

1 x Dedolight Gobo projector attachment

1 x Lupolux Dayled 1000 Fresnel

2 x 4 bank Kino Flo light with diffusion

1 x mini Yegrin high CRI bi-colour on camera LED light panel and mounting arm

2 x Yegrin MegaLED high CRI mini light panels

1 x Chimera style soft box light

DOP Choice 5′ Octa soft box for Area 48 Soft light

Various scrims including meduim Scrim Jim diffusion, bounce and netting

Various stands, reflectors, gels and grip equipment


Sony URX-P03D slot in digital hybrid wireless dual receiver

Sony URX-S03D digital hybrid wireless dual receiver

2 x Sony UWP-D series bodypack transmitters and receiver systems

1 x Sony UTX-P1 plug on transmitter for hand mics

1 x Sony UTX-M03 handheld mic

Sony XLR-K2M and SMAD-P3/D adapters for FS7 / A7s professional audio acquisition

1 x Sennheiser ME66/K6 microphone with handle and Rycote softie

1 x Beyerdynamic M58 mic

1 x RE-50 hand mic

ECM-77B wired lapel mic

Support & Accessories

DJI Ronin-s Gimbal with monitor and wireless follow focus set up

Sachtler 20p tripod head with quicklock legs and mid-spreader

Miller CX8 / Sprinter 2 stage tripod

Miller Air carbon fibre tripod

Manfrotto lightweight stills tripod

Bright Tangerine Misfit swing away matte box system

Chrosziel 415 matte box and rails

SmallRig mini matte box

Dolly with 3 metres of flexible track

Wally Dolly

Teradek Bolt uncompressed wireless tranmitter/receiver

Easyrig Cinema 3

Dynacore, IDX and Pro-X batteries

2 x Sony dual battery chargers

Apple Macbook Pro 17″ with Final Cut Studio, FTP, BGAN and other software

Atomos Shogun 7″ 4K monitor/recorder

‘SMALL HD’ AC7 OLED broadcast monitor and mount

Wireless “directors monitor” set up

Full size (head to toe) roll out green screen with frame and clamps

Pelican and Portabrace cases, camera covers and bags




Sydney, NSW & Australia Wide

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